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Repatriation of corpse

In the event of death, our insurance covers the repatriation of the mortal remains to the place of residence or the desired place of death.

Most commonly, the body is repatriated by plane, in which case the body has to be embalmed.

The body can be transferred in two ways:

In a coffin:

If the body is to be kept for burial, it must be embalmed and transported in a special coffin for health reasons, as it can be a source of infection due to decomposition.

The special transport coffin consists of two boxes. One outer box is similar in appearance to a wooden coffin, but thicker. And an inner one constructed of lead or zinc sheeting to prevent leakage.


In case of opting for cremation before repatriation, no extra treatment to the urn would be necessary in addition to the usual sealing.

In this case, the ashes would have to be declared to customs during transportation.


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