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While you are in Spain on holiday or on business you should only worry about enjoying yourself or getting the job done. But as unforeseen events cannot be foreseen, with our policy we will take care of you, your health and any adversity that may occur. With us you will always be covered: medical expenses, reimbursement of holidays not taken, loss or theft of luggage or trip cancellation expenses…

With the travel assistance insurance you will have medical assistance in the event of an accident or illness, compensation in the event of theft, a lawyer in the event of legal problems during the trip, transfer of a relative in the event of hospitalisation, translation in the event of accident or illness, etc.


  • Health care in the event of accident or illness.
    Compensation for disability or death during the trip.
    If your companion or a family member included in the policy dies, the expenses incurred for the early return will be included.
    Expenses for early return if during the trip you suffer an illness or your home suffers a loss or fire.
    The transfer of a family member to Spain and the costs of their stay if you are hospitalised.
    Compensation for theft or damage to property.
    A translator who can communicate with you and the medical centre in the event of an accident or illness.
    A lawyer to defend you in case of legal problems.
    Emergency dental care.

What insurance do you need?

Fill in your details and we will contact you with information and advice on the insurance that best suits your needs.

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