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Our Philosophy

Our mission, vision and values represent the essence of our company and the work of our entire team.


ARDAL CONSULTING, Insurance Brokerage, works in the selection of optimal products and services in profitability and opportunity to offer the best solutions in insurance, through a specialised service and comprehensive advice capable of covering all the needs of the national market, both in the business and personal field.

ARDAL CONSULTING, wants to distinguish itself for the excellence in the execution and service, with the intervention of a qualified, motivated and committed human group to achieve the satisfaction of all our clients.


As a company of insurance brokers, ARDAL CONSULTING, aims to become the first independent national group capable of being the preferred option in insurance in its market, with a global approach and with the commitment to meet the expectations of quality and service of its customers as a basic strategic axis to achieve the objectives of offering the widest range of insurance and the best solutions through the selection of the best products of the insurance companies and with the right value for money.

On the other hand, AC aims to reduce the percentage of current internal management costs through the ARDAL CONSULTING service platform, and to increase the overall and individual profitability, i.e. of ARDAL CONSULTING and its partners through an effective and efficient management system. Within its vision, AC works daily to acquire market shares through the acquisition of large accounts, customer loyalty and quality of service.


More than 40 years of experience in the insurance sector guarantee our professionalism. ARDAL CONSULTING is the result of constant specialisation and a high level of training of the members of the Brokerage.

The personalised treatment we offer our clients through our team and the transparency and reliability that characterise our work processes have allowed us to achieve maximum trust and a high level of satisfaction. Throughout the entire contracting process we offer the client a comprehensive service through ongoing advice and monitoring.

ARDAL CONSULTING, with its participation and involvement in social activities and events, aims to fulfil its purpose of innovation and high level of social commitment.

The AC team

At any of our offices you can find advice on the insurance solution that you or your loved ones need. Our team is made up of qualified, experienced people specialised in different areas. The head office coordinates some of the most specialised elements of the ARDAL CONSULTING office network.

Corporate social responsibility

ARDAL CONSULTING Insurance Brokerage is aware that by actively participating in the social and environmental system in which they carry out their daily work, they create a real link to weave a more sustainable and competitive business system.

ARDAL CONSULTING, began to carry out actions of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in 2006, with the pooling of the current partners and a voluntary contribution in the cultural field for a young musical band. Since the beginning of the Insurance Brokerage, says Juanjo Carbonell, Director of Communication, “we have considered our participation in cultural, sporting, environmental and solidarity-related areas to be a priority”. The figure of the broker, for ARDAL CONSULTING, “represents the essence of the protective and supportive feeling that any human being intends to transmit to his fellow human beings under the umbrella of security and the necessary protection in the course of our professional and private activities. We feel part of the wellbeing that it means for anyone to feel committed to their community, providing a peace of mind that allows you to work without any worries”.

Carbonell believes that “the broker occupies an important place in the functioning of institutions, companies, businesses and, of course, in the sphere of individuals. No economic movement can be understood without having considered beforehand the risk it may entail… and this is the role of the insurance broker. Their understanding of environmental regulations and legislation and the mandatory nature of certain stipulations make the commitments to society and the way in which its actors interact with it more comprehensible and enforceable”.

In return for this involvement, “we only expect,” explains Juanjo Carbonell, “the satisfaction of being part of the projects of passionate groups and seeing how, with our contribution, some achievements are made that would not have been possible otherwise. That is the best reward and, of course, we know that the public image of ARDAL CONSULTING, Correduría de Seguros, benefits from this and we are aware that by actively participating in the social and environmental ecosystem in which we carry out our daily work, we create a real link to weave a more sustainable and competitive business system”.

ARDAL Consulting CSR actions


The actions to be supported are chosen on the basis of its golden rule: to be present in culture, sport, solidarity and commitment to the environment. From there, each partner chooses its most deeply rooted initiative. To this end, the ARDAL CONSULTING brokerage firm allocates 1% of the company’s profits and the participation and personal involvement of its directors in the following interventions:

– Support for learning and participation in the artistic-musical panorama of young people in its area of influence, promoting concerts, training days, workshops, etc.
– Participation and promotion of golf tournaments in the Valencian Community.
– Promotion of the sporting spirit in school activities by sponsoring a children’s football team in a competition between schools in the Valencian Community.

– Collaboration in high mountain expeditions.

– Participation in nautical events, such as the Ruta de la Sal.

– Support for sportsmen and women in high-risk disciplines, such as Ironman.

– Transfer of one of its offices in its Integral Service Centre to a humanitarian NGO for the sponsorship of children at an international level.

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