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At Ardal Requena we only offer the best on top of the best.

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Our proximity and high qualifications make us stand out from the rest

At Ardal Requena we work with optimal profitability and opportunity services to offer you the best insurance solutions. We want to stand out in customer service because your well-being is our main concern.


At Ardal Requena we care about you

We work as insurance brokers looking for the best quality and service for our clients. We always try to ensure that the insurance policies are perfectly adapted to the needs of our clients.


With our agents you will have personalised advice and follow-up while you are with us.


Equipo Ardal Requena

The Ardal Requena team is made up of highly qualified professionals who are able to offer you the best advice with the best quality.

Frequently asked questions

What does funeral insurance cover?

At Ardal Consulting, we know how important it is to take out funeral insurance.

Taking out a funeral insurance policy will provide you with comprehensive protection in the event of death, as your insurance company will take care of everything related to the funeral services of the insured person.

The small print does not exist, because the insurance coverage is an essential piece of information to know.

This insurance covers Psychological counselling, Management of formalities, Erasure of digital life and Legal advice by telephone.

How long does funeral insurance last?

The duration of funeral insurance contracts is an important aspect to take into account, that’s why we offer you an annual duration so that you don’t have to worry about it.

The duration of your funeral insurance is annual, as we have already mentioned, so that you have total freedom to decide whether to renew your policy, modify your coverage or transfer your protection to another product or insurance company.

What is the advantage of contracting a private health service privately?

Among the main advantages of contracting a private health service, it is faster and more immediate both in diagnoses and care, you will avoid the famous hospital waiting lists, and you will also be able to choose which professional and in which centre you will receive care. The care is usually of better quality, as the professional will take the time to create a bond that makes the check-up a more personalised treatment, and in the case of hospitalisation, for example, you can have a single room for greater comfort, you will have the option of second medical opinions for certain illnesses, and access to more specific health plans, such as dental and reimbursement.

For whom are the products to be contracted intended?

From Ardal Consulting, we know how important it is to adjust to the needs of our customers, that is why our products are made for you.

The health security service covers the needs of any style of person who wants and can take advantage of the benefits that these products provide, offering quality, personalised attention, saving time waiting for appointments, among many other benefits that facilitate.

Contract in the way that best suits your needs

These products can be contracted on an individual basis, for oneself or one’s family group, or can also be contracted for small, medium or large companies. In this case, the benefit is for your employees, so that the employee will feel that your company is interested in his or her health and in taking care of him or her; the company will also avoid absenteeism thanks to the fact that it will be able to prevent it.

The price is not the same

The prices to be paid for each employee are not the same as if an individual person contracts it, they will have a lower value due to the fact that they are contracted by such a multitude of people adhered to the company.

What covers do the main health insurance companies offer abroad?

Cover available to everyone

Health insurance for foreigners usually contains a series of standard covers – primary and specialist medical care, hospitalisation, repatriation, etc. – regardless of which company you take out the policy with.

Ardal Consulting gives you a personalised recommendation for your best option.

However, it is also possible to appreciate differences in terms of the guarantees included, as well as in the limits and conditions of the different policies. We checked this by comparing the offer of five large insurance companies that operate in the health branch.

Health insurance for foreigners?

The regulations reveal that in order to obtain a residency card in Spain, foreigners are obliged to take out a health insurance policy. But, what characteristics must this medical policy have, and how and where can it be contracted?



Are you a resident in Colombia? Don’t worry, we will help you with all the paperwork you need. We provide you with all the necessary information to solve the doubts that arise when obtaining a health insurance for foreigners, both in the case of EU and non-EU citizens.

What is the territorial scope of the insurance?

At Ardal Consulting, we take care to resolve your doubts.

It can be defined as those geographical areas in which the trip for which the policy has been contracted takes place and in which the contracted coverage will be applied in the event of the claims included in the general and particular conditions of the insurance. This insurance is valid for the whole of Spain.


For this reason, it is essential to know the territorial scope of the insurance and to check that the policy you take out is effective in the event that you need it. In terms of cover, travel insurance policies protect you in the following cases, depending on the range of guarantees contracted:

– Health care in the event of accident or illness.

– Compensation for disability or death during the trip.

– If your companion or a relative included in the policy dies, the expenses incurred for the early return will be included.

– Expenses for early return if during the trip you suffer an illness or your home suffers a loss or fire.

– The transfer of a family member to Spain and the costs of their stay if you are hospitalised.

– Compensation for theft or damage to property.

– A translator who can communicate with you and the medical centre in the event of an accident or illness.

– A lawyer to defend you in case of legal problems.

– Emergency dental care.

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